The astounding people of Pax Christi were successful in accomplishing their commitment to help build and sponsor the Habitat dream house for a needy family in Prior Lake. This labor of love was done to honor our 35th Anniversary. The members of the Pax Christi Community are a formidable group when they work together to achieve their goals.  Over a two-week period in the beginning of November, 94 people gave their gift of time and volunteered to help build a lovely home for a single mom and her 4 kids in the Prior Lake community.  More than 35 people volunteered their time for several eight-hour days, even taking vacation time to help.  These volunteers included laborers, food delivery and set up volunteers, and very substantially the food hospitality staff who nourished us with extraordinary menus each day (thanks, Janell).

Studies have shown that strong families, strong neighborhoods, and lifelong learning begin at home, and Pax Christi‘s community members fulfilled their commitment to help build an affordable house for one low income family. The Project provided an opportunity for social action, community collaboration, developing community spirit, and an uplifting experience. As Paul Cress stated, “It was a good mix of experience, skills, and willingness to work.”  Workers helped each other in various functions and no one seemed intimidated.  It was nice to see people smiling, laughing, and having fun doing a work of mercy. Susan Cavara stated, “It is impressive to see the dedication, hard work, and look of pure joy on people’s faces.”  Many volunteers thought the experience was fun as Steve Allen and Marc Nosal stated, “We need more of these opportunities, and I want to do it again.”  

Once again, members of Pax Christi have dedicated their time and talent to the pursuit of Justice and Catholic Social Teaching.  As Pope Francis said in his homily in March of 2014, “An authentic faith always implies a deep desire to change the world.”   YOU ARE AWESOME!!!

Written by Joan Pare’, Justice Council Chair.



One of the projects undertaken by Pax Christi in honor of the parish's 35th Anniversary was a commitment to purchase and build 100 dressers for Bridging.  The project honors the request of Fr. Tim Power to include a project with Bridging, which was born at Pax Christi.

On three Saturday mornings in October and November, groups of Pax Christi volunteers gathered over coffee and snacks at the Bridging warehouse in Bloomington.  Most mornings they were greeted by Pax Christi's own Fran Heitzman, 90 years young and the founder of Bridging.  The session began with Sara King, Bridging's Bloomington Volunteer Program Supervisor, providing an overview of the organization and how it improves lives by providing quality furniture and household goods to those transitioning out of homelessness and poverty.  Sara also led the group on a tour of the large warehouse full of donated furniture and furnishings.

Then the group divided into teams of three or four and got to work.  Each dresser comes as a flat-pack kit and requires considerable assembly.  The first dresser is a learning experience and usually takes a while.  Subsequent dressers generally go more quickly.  Most teams were able to complete two or three dressers in a morning's work, and some were able to complete more than that.  The Twite family (Paul, Mary, and Rebecca) were our dresser-building rock stars, finishing six dressers in a single morning!

Over the three Saturdays scheduled as of this writing, 83 volunteers have participated in the dresser project, ranging in age from teens to septuagenarians.  On October 8 we welcomed a group of students from Cristo Rey High School to our crew.  Volunteers report that they have enjoyed the experience, the fellowship, and the opportunity to help someone make the huge leap out of poverty or homelessness.  

We have completed a total of 91 dressers thus far, and we're confident that we will soon finish off the remaining nine dressers in our commitment.  The project has been a great opportunity to honor the spirit of Pax Christi in its 35th Anniversary year! 

Written by Jack Kegel, Pax Christi Justice Council.


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