Justice Council

Council Members for 2017-2018

Top Row (left to right): Joan Howe-Pullis - Justice Ministry Coordinator, Neil Heikkila, Ricardo Ortiz Nava, Jack Kegel  - Chair

Bottom Row (left to right): Peg Musegades, Bridgid Kozik, Jessica Huber

Not Pictured: Nick Litfin

Justice Ministry Mission

We will discern the most pressing needs of society and utilize Pax Christi’s resources to promote the dignity of the marginalized and change the forces and structures that create injustice.

Justice Ministry Purpose

The Justice Ministry Council exists to serve and speak for the marginalized, to serve the parish as its primary resource and catalyst for the work of social justice, to educate the community on social issues and Catholic social teaching, to provide opportunities for social action, and to foster awareness that social ministry is integral, not optional, in the life of the parish. It provides leadership and vision to the Justice Grant Board and other justice related ministries.

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