Adult Faith Formation at Pax Christi supports people to live their faith authentically. A variety of opportunities will be offered this year including various Bible studies, simple artistic expressions of faith, speakers, workshops, and more. Watch the Pax Christi magazine and web for programs. Come, continue to be formed in your faith and help shape the faith of future generations by participating in Adult Faith Formation offerings at Pax Christi!

Women with Spirit Present:
Letters for Living: The Epistles of Paul

Lectures followed by small group discussions -
Women of all faiths welcome!

Tuesdays, 9:30-11:30am, September 20, 2016 through April 4, 2017, $100 (scholarships available)

Women with Spirit Bible Study invites women of all ages and all faiths to join us for 20 weekly hour-long presentations by university based biblical scholars, followed by an hour of small group discussion. This year’s series, Letters for Living: The Epistles of Paul, will study the letters of Paul — his words and how we can live them today.

Tuition for the series is $100 which covers teachers, books, three mornings of reflection, and childcare (preregister for childcare.)

Registrations are requested by September 9.

Questions? Contact bible study members Kathy Ogrin, 952-934-3639, Jean Allen, 952-947-0717, or Pax Christi Staff, Lynn Schelitzche, 952-405-7230.



  • Are you thinking about joining the Catholic Church?

  • Do you have a friend or relative who is searching for a faith home?

  • Are you a Catholic who needs to complete initiation through Confirmation and/or First Eucharist?

  • Do you have a child or children who were never baptized?

  • Do you have a child who was baptized in another faith tradition, but wants to live as a Catholic Christian?

The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (and adapted for children) is the way that the Catholic Church welcomes people into the Church. RCIA is much more than a program; it is a process in which conversion of the heart brings one to Jesus Christ through learning, discussion, prayer, and community. Inquiry will start in September. Participants are invited to grow more deeply in their faith and discern if joining the Catholic Church or completing one's initiation into the Church is what they desire.

The RCIA is for:

  • Unbaptized adults and children over the age of seven who are considering entrance into the Catholic Church through Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist

  • Adults and children over the age of seven who were baptized in another tradition and are considering becoming a Catholic

  • Adults who were baptized Catholic but did not complete their initiation through Confirmation and/or First Eucharist


Catholics who would like to learn more about and share their faith and enrich their spiritual lives may serve the participants in the RCIA process as sponsors and/or godparents, hospitality ministers, prayer companions, and catechists.

If you are interested in trying out the RCIA, participating, or volunteering, please contact Lynn Schelitzche, Director of Faith Formation,, or 952-405-7230.


Do you wish to have a closer relationship with God?
Do you seek the sense of joy, peace, and hope that you see in some Christians?
Do you want to live your faith in your daily life?
Do you desire to meet others with whom you can share your faith journey?
Do you want to share the Good News of God's love with others around you?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you are invited to seek a deeper relationship with God within the framework of a supportive Catholic Christian Community.

Cursillo is for adults of all ages and phases of their faith journey. Participants will experience the fullness of Christian faith offered by the Catholic Church.

The Cursillo Movement provides a method and the support you need to grow in your faith, enrich your relationship with God, and live the life God intended for you.

Begins with a Weekend

A three-day weekend will help you more richly experience your faith and encourage a spiritual team that is fillled with joy, hope and enthusiasm.

Weekends are held at different parishes throughout the archdiocese. From Thursday evening through Sunday evening, a team of Catholic lay people and spiritual advisors will talk and lead discussions emphasizing:

- The need for a prayerful relationship with God
- The meaning of grace and the sacraments
- Ways of living in a more intimate union with God and his people

Builds on a firm Foundation

- Focused prayer life
- Increased knowledge of God
- Faith shared in friendship

Sustains you on the Journey

Group Reunions: Informal gatherings of three to six people who meet weekly to share their faith and support each other in their spiritual journeys

Ultreya: a gathering of Group Reunions who share life, pray together, socialize and experience a sense of deep friendshiop and belonging with others seeking Christ

Helps you Each Day

Cursillo develops an awareness of the power of the Holy Spirit at work in each of us. By living Christ's values within your family, workplace, school, and community, Cursillo promotes a spiritual revitalization of our world. As part of a Christian Community, we have a profound sense of belonging to the joyful and hopeful family of God.

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