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Charity Gives,
but Justice Changes

Pax Christi produced original video series on the seven principals of Catholic Social Teachings

Every day of his papacy, Pope Francis has been rebuilding our Church, bringing the focus back to the poor, those who have suffered so much because they have so little.  He has led by example, showing us how to respect each other, how to actually see the downtrodden, and how to respond to their needs.  He has not shied away from highlighting the social injustices of today’s societies on multiple continents, in multiple settings, in bold ways.  

Many in our community here in Eden Prairie and the surrounding areas have lived comfortably.  We have been very blessed.  How have we reflected and returned those blessings?  Do we even see the need around us?  Do we seek to make this a fair and just society for all in our community, in our metropolitan city, in our state, and in our country?  Have we been “the change we want to see”?  Have we given from our abundance, not just in monetary ways but with our hands and hearts?  Have we put aside our busy-ness to spend time with the oppressed and the distressed?  Only by “being there” can we begin to understand.

We here at Pax Christi want to bring our mission into distinct focus on how we are answering those questions and how we can provoke new ideas, pique new interest.  To that end, during seven various weeks beginning in December, the Justice Council is presenting a series of short videos that will be shown at Mass.
Each video centers around one of the themes of the seven Catholic Social Teachings:  
    • Life and Dignity of the Human Person;
    • Call to Family, Communion, and Participation;
    • Rights and Responsibilities;
    • Option for the Poor and Vulnerable;
    • The Dignity of Work and the Rights of Workers;
    • Solidarity; and
    • Care for God’s Creation.

The videos will highlight where this social teaching comes into play, looking at it from a global viewpoint as well as showing how Pax Christi is living out this social teaching.  These videos will demonstrate some of the many ways the people of Pax are reaching out to those in need, finding ways to change circumstances and empower those who struggle daily against a system that just doesn’t see them.

It is not our intent to pat ourselves on the back and say, “Job well done.”  It is our deep desire that you will learn of the many wonderful things that you can be part of here at Pax Christi; that you will challenge yourself to join with your fellow parishioners in opportunities that you never knew were going on around you; that you will broaden your knowledge about those less fortunate than you and be moved to really do something about it;  and that these seven Catholic social teachings will become a part of every decision you make, in your families and in your work.  

Written by Marcia Kladek, Co-Chair of Justice Council

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