Environmental Challenge Ministry

The Environmental Challenge Ministry strives to educate, energize, and enable our faith community towards greater appreciation, concern, and action for God’s creation.

Interested? Join us for a meeting, or just tell us what activities you would like to see at Pax Christi. Sign up today to on get our membership E-mail list.

Meetings: The second Tuesday of each month (unless noted) we meet in Martin Luther King Jr., Room 247 here at Pax Christi from 7:00–8:30pm. Drop in and see what we are all about. New members are always welcome!


Mike Karels 952-949-3438 mike@karels.net

Donna Murphy 952-944-2861 dddmurphy@usfamily.net 

Catholic Climate Covenant

After decades of steady progress in reclaiming and advancing the Catholic Church’s efforts to embrace an ethic of environmental stewardship, the Catholic Coalition on Climate Change launched an unprecedented and historical campaign, the Catholic Climate Covenant, to take responsibility for our contribution to climate change and do what we do best: be advocates for those who will be left out of the public policy debate on climate change. More info:  http://catholicclimatecovenant.org

Cleaning and Waste Reduction in the Home

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Hazardous Waste: Household hazardous waste drop-off sites www.rethinkrecycling.com/residents/household-hazardous-waste-drop-sites

Reduce Cleaning-Induced Toxins: To get a home that is truly clean rather than covered in toxic chemicals, try making your own non-toxic cleaners at home. It's easy! http://ecocycle.org/hazwaste/ecofriendly-cleaning

Compost: Reduce waste and create valuable soil for your lawn and garden. www.rethinkrecycling.com/residents/compost


Plant a Rain Garden: Stormwater runoff is the biggest water quality threat. Stormwater typically runs into streams and rivers instead of gradually being filtered by and absorbed into the ground for future beneficial use.

Plant a low-maintenance rain garden in wet areas of your yard to filter water into the ground and keep it out of storm drains.

See the native plant selector, cost estimator, how-to, and why: www.bluethumb.orgwww.bluethumb.org/why ; www.bluethumb.org/plants

Rain Barrels: Reduce your water bill - use a rain barrel to water your lawn and garden! www.metroblooms.org/rainbarrels.php

Rain Barrels are an eco-friendly solution to help reduce your household consumption of water, and reduce stormwater runoff. They collect and store rain water for use on your lawn and gardens.

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